Staying Focused To God

24 01 2013

By Jocelyn

Wordle: Why don't people go to church?

When beginning my adventures here at Luther College, I was so excited to only attend classes for four-ish hours a day, since this was a complete change from grade school where we were in the classrooms for eight hours. I believed that there would be so much time to do other things… Oh man was I wrong!! I forgot about the homework and studying that you have to do every night, which tends to be a lot. Weekends have always been the worst for me; making time to hang out with friends, working at Marty’s Cafe, finding time to do homework, trying to get a workout in, and then attending a church service on Sundays. Sometimes there just isn’t time for all of these things.

The past couple years here at Luther, I have realized, for me, that the item that I decide to get rid of in my schedule is attending church services. I know that attending church is something that I should and even need to do, but it is usually the easiest thing to cut out. I hate myself for even doing this, but it just happens. Church here at Luther is during the most inconvenient times (well for me at least). We have our regular service at 10 am on Sundays and our focus service at 9:15pm on Sunday nights. For me I have a lot of classes on Monday, so Sunday is the last day that I have to finish up my homework. Sundays do not work.

I am not trying to make excuses for myself, but this is the truth. I try to make time for church here, but for some reason I just can’t. Instead of attending church here, I try to either read a passage from the Bible or I try to listen to Christian music to keep myself focused. These items usually help focus me not just on my studies, but also help me stay close to God. Everyone needs to find something that helps keep them closer to God and still work on their faith. This is one way for me to do this.

I need to always remember that God will always be with me and will help me get through anything that comes in my way. “Do not fear for I am with you. Do not anxiously look about you for I am your God. Surely I will help you; surely I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10. So when I do not attend church I will do the things like listening to Christian music or read the bible, in order for me to remember what Isaiah 41 states.


Keeping the Faith

24 01 2013

by Angela

In tough times, it seems like we always turn to or away from God. When we turn to God, we’re looking for answers and comfort. God becomes our rock. But sometimes we turn away from God. We question if God has a plan, why a loving deity would allow bad things to happen, or even if God exists. Our faith can be strengthened or weakened.

Since college, I haven’t gone to church as often as I used to. Yet when I studied abroad last spring, I went every week. Even though I ended up loving every minute of the experience, spending six months in Chile was way out of my comfort zone. Everything was different, from the landscapes to the culture to the language. And to add to the stress, I was going without knowing anyone else.

One of the other girls in my program couldn’t find anyone to go to church with her the first Sunday, so I went thinking at least it’d be a good way to practicing my listening skills. I was surprised to find that I ended up loving it. I had never felt so connected to God. Throughout the next six months, I continued to go to church weekly, joined a Bible study, read my Bible, and prayed more than I ever remember doing before.

Now that I’m back in a familiar place, I’m struggling with leaning on God in the same way I did while abroad. There are highs and lows in any journey, my faith journey included. I hope that one day I can rely on God for more things. But for now, while I’m not relying on God, I have faith that God’s still there.

God’s Poem

23 01 2013

By: Jocelyn

When looking for a good quote to upload to this blog, I stumbled across this one which i really enjoy. Sometimes it is hard to understand what your purpose in the world is or even what your own identity truly is. The thing to remember is that your identity is what you believe in, your own values, and visions.

I know that I have had troubles figuring out what my own identity truly consists of. Especially now being in school, at Luther College, I am having troubles figuring out what exactly my faith consists of and who I truly am. College is a tough time for many people; deciding what to study, who to be friends with, and even just make decisions like right from wrong.

At times like these where we are confused on life,  it is really nice to be reminded that I am a piece of God’s poem, which makes me beautiful. It does not matter if I decide what my identity is now or later because God will love me no matter what I decide. I am my own person and I have my own beliefs, values, and visions of my own life. God understands.

I’m Ron Burgundy…?

22 01 2013

by Angela


Who can forget this scene from Anchorman? Someone accidentally typed a question mark instead of a period on the teleprompter and Ron Burgundy stated his name as a question. Hilarious! Students do something similar in classes. They turn a statement into a question and immediately the professor retorts with “are you stating something or asking me a question?” in a very sarcastic tone. We only do this to show hesitation. We’re unsure of our answer and don’t want to commit to the statement.

I have the same initial reaction when telling people I’m a Christian. I turn a statement into a question. As soon as I tell someone that, I can immediately see the stereotypes placed onto me. With the label “Christian,” people might assume that I’m a creationist, extremely conservative, judgemental, or intolerant of other religions. The stereotypes we imagine are negative, so I hesitate when telling people my religious beliefs.

College forces us to think critically. We’re forced to rethink everything we’ve thought. We have to consider all the possibilities and challenge everything we learn. Because of my religion classes, I started to see how labeling myself a “Christian” could change how people saw me. I don’t want to become part of the faceless crowd if my beliefs don’t quite match up to the stereoptical “Christian.”

Is it possible to break from the crowd, yet still identify as Christian? Whether or not it is, I think it should be. No one agrees 100% of the time on anything. Why should religion be any different?

Pascal’s Wager

22 01 2013

by Jo

Pascal's Wager

I can easily say my religious belief system could be thought of in the same light as Pascal’s wager.

Why do I believe in God? Because it is better to believe in God and gain everlasting life than to not believe in God and lose everything.

It is simple really. The brilliant French philosopher Blaise Pascal wrote about his “wager” in a work called Pensées. It truly will make you think.

Believing in God is a coin toss. There is equal chance of gaining two lifetimes of happiness (for believers) and gaining nothing (for non-believers).

“If you gain, you gain all; if you lose, you lose nothing.”

So, I go on, believing in God through my own eyes. My Catholic faith and I disagree on many levels, but while growing up, it has given me a place to start.

I believe in God, yes. I do because I believe there is more to life than what I can clearly see. But I do not go around quoting the Bible, and it makes me a little crazy when people take the book’s meaning as literal.

So I wager with reason, as Pascal would, because this is what my comprehensive and meticulous education has taught me to do.


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