For some reason, I was brought into this world a Catholic. Everyone I knew growing up was Christian, and I never had reason to question a thing. I went to church almost every Sunday, and I attended catechism classes Wednesdays during elementary school. Most of my friends were Catholic, but even when we were taught the bible, I could never really listen. I think that is a big reason I went into my high school years somewhat indifferent about my religion but still trying to attend church.

I now attend a private Christian college out of coincidence. I love it here. For being religiously affiliated, there is such diversity on this campus. My classes challenge me to think in different perspectives, so I try to do this every day. I believe there is no right answer- that is what makes having religious affiliation so hard. I am here to share my story of where I now stand in my faith and the events that have happened to shape my beliefs.


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