I was raised in a Christian household. I went to Sunday school and church every Sunday. I never doubted that God existed, or any other teachings of the church. As I went into middle and high school, my parents’ faith started to become my own faith. I chose to go to a private Christian college, assuming that I’d go to church every Sunday and maybe even go to chapel when I didn’t have too much homework.

I’m now in my senior year and I’ve only gone to church on campus once…the first Sunday of my freshman year. The religion classes I’ve taken have given voice to some of the doubts that I’ve always had in the back of my mind. My own experiences have caused me to rethink what I always took for granted. These experiences conflicted with what I had learned. I still think of myself as a Christian, but I’ve had to change my beliefs over time. It’s not the same faith I had back in high school. It is more about my doubts and struggles than following what I was taught as a child. Because of this, I do hesitate to say that I am a Christian to other people. My goal in this blog is to discuss my faith and how it has changed during college.


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