I’m currently a junior studying Nursing at Luther College, and I’ve enjoyed my time here so much! I can’t believe what a great experience it’s been so far, and I feel like I’ve grown in many ways through experiences I’ve had. It’s amazing to think back to the person I was before I began this journey of forming new friendships, gaining knowledge through classes, seeing life from new perspectives…and let’s not forget all the fun I’ve had!

Growing up, I never questioned being a Lutheran, but that’s because I never had a reason to. I’m from a very small town (of less than 1000), and people there aren’t exactly open to change or new opinions. Everyone was some type of Christian, and that was about it. Once I arrived at Luther, I began making new friends with different beliefs, as well as taking classes that caused me to question my faith. I started to realize that I didn’t know exactly why I believe what I do. In this blog, I’ll be sharing how my college experience has made me realize that my Christian faith feels a little conflicted.


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