The Deniance of Science and the Cheer of Beer

24 01 2013

by Jo

Now that I have established I do believe in God, I want to hit on a few reasons why I find myself in such a conflicted state regarding my religion.


So one of the more interesting topics that conflicts with my Catholic roots is Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. I am a firm believer. How could you not believe in evolution?

It boggles my mind when people deny the evidence. I was given a large background on this topic in high school. I bought On the Origin of Species when I was 15 years old.

How can one refute what is proven with science; genetic mutation, natural selection, genetic drift, common ancestry? The Bible conflicts with the history of the coming of man. I cannot take it literally.

So that is why I like the above cartoon. God did not create man and earth in the same week. God may have created evolution, but for me, that is pretty out there.




Drinking. One of my favorite pastimes since turning 21. It is clearly a sin according to the bible: “And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit”.

This conflicts with my given Catholic faith because I do like to have a cold one, ok, several…every now and then.

I haven’t attended church for some time now. And I know that if my church community cared to hear about my liking for beer, they would be very much against it.

So these are a couple things that make me conflicted. There have to be more people like me out there, and that is what this site is about.

You can also read Andrea’s thoughts on this topic while we both go and grab a tall one! Cheers.




2 responses

24 01 2013

I saw in a previous post that you said people cannot take the Bible literally. While I can agree that not every passage is to be taken literally, such as Jesus saying, “I am the door,” which He could not be unless he suddenly turned into a physical door,the Bible has been proven by secular and even atheistic scholars to be no less than 99% true.
Your comments here about evolution being fact is a statement that even true evolution scholars do not claim. It is still called a theory for a reason: there is no undeniable proof of it. Namely because it is false. Darwin’s research, I might add, was done in a solitary location: the Galapagos Islands. While microevolution for adaptation is plausible, macroevolution wherein all living matter came from nonliving matter in an ascending fashion is not only unproven, but not even sensical.
If you crunch the numbers of the probability for nonliving matter to suddenly come alive, it’s so far below the realm of possibility that mathematicians laugh at it. Also, if you look at the various theories as to how it may have happened, each one has been shown to be scientifically unsound in a way that even laymen can understand.
In fact, the most likely explanation evolutionists have come up with for how it “happened” is that life was seeded here from another planet; ie: aliens did it. Then of course they disappeared for the next few million/billion years. Right.
The Bible is the truth. If you don’t even believe in the beginning of it, then you have no foundation for your faith in Christ at all, because His work was about returning us to the original state we were in: perfect union with Him, the union that He created us for, with His own hands, breathing His own breath into our lungs.
Many people our age struggle with the same questions that you wrestle with. I encourage you dig into the research–the plausible research–and to dig into your Bible. All the science in all the world will never give you the foundation that the Bible will, because science is always changing. It still hasn’t gotten it right yet, because we still “see in a glass dimly.” Whereas the Bible, in all its thousands of years, has never changed and is still right on every point. Its principles have founded nations and humanitarian aid efforts. Its writings have contributed to and confirmed various scientific discoveries. And it is the only book that can honestly tell you about your own self.
Regardless of what you grew up with, Catholic, Protestant, Mormon, if You don’t believe the Bible 100%, your faith is founded on absolutely nothing. You have no ground to stand and no center to balance around. I encourage you to take another look and pray that God would open your eyes to the truth.

24 01 2013

Thanks for your comment. I don’t believe in the bible 100 percent. I appreciate the stories and the meaning they try to convey, but I disagree on many levels. And to say I have no foundation in my faith is somewhat harsh. I have no foundation anymore in my religion, but my faith and spirituality are entirely my own. I am really not sure what you are getting at by comparing science to the bible. Science is always growing, not changing. And the bible has gone through every transformation imaginable! No one knows the original text because it was translated and changed over and over again. Science and the bible are not rivals (if they were, I’d surely go with the intelligence of science). I am not making a choice between the two. And I chose not to comment on the evolutionary studies about how inorganic matter becomes living. It is difficult to fathom, and there are many hypotheses regarding biopoiesis. As I said in my first post, I do believe in a God. The living cell is too perfect not to have been deliberately made. This means I can still believe in evolution. It’s a win-win.

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