Alcohol, College, and God

24 01 2013

By Andrea

Sayings like this can be seen pretty frequently in the bar scene amongst the (usually obnoxious) signs hung on the walls that basically persuade the customer to have another. You know what I mean- the little wooden ones with expressions that only a drunkard would find hilarious.

Like these ones for example.

Okay, so they’re a little humorous, but what caught my eye about the image above, which is actually a poster, is that: 1) It’s telling me that God wants me to drink. And 2) It’s a quote by one of our founding fathers, so it must be true, right? Sounds like a pretty good excuse to go get some beer and get smashed because let’s face it…I love beer!

Anyway, as much as I enjoy going out with friends and getting a little crazy, I’m not entirely sold on the idea that God wants us to do that. In fact, I’m sure he doesn’t want us to get to a state where we’re not thinking clearly, making bad decisions, and doing harm to our bodies, no matter how happy it may make us at the time. The Bible makes that pretty clear in many verses, such as:

Isaiah 5:22 – Woe to “champion” drinkers and “experts” at mixing drinks.

Proverbs 23:29-30 – Drinking causes woe, sorrow, fighting, babbling, wounds without cause and red eyes.

It’s fairly common among college students to become “experts” in the world of alcohol, and being named a “champion” at a drinking game or competition is seen as something to be proud of in our population. I don’t feel that I need to explain the second verse because I think we’ve all either been that person or been around a babbling, drunk friend before. Alcohol is one of the reasons that I find it hard to be a college student and still try to live a Christian lifestyle. It seems like being a Christian and getting a “full college experience” conflict quite a bit when drinking comes into the equation.

I’m guessing this is a controversial topic, so I’m really interested in hearing others’ opinions on Christian college students and alcohol. Please feel free to comment!




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24 01 2013
The Deniance of Science and the Cheer of Beer « Conflicted College Christians

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24 01 2013

College is a rare benefit at least to some. I had a great 4 year college experience but our daughter hates it. But, it is only 4 years unless graduate school, etc. is on your calendar. It is like living a different life; almost a fantasy and then it is over. And most of what I have seen end up being completely different 20 years after graduating. Christian colleges are in the fight of their lives now because so many are trying to kick God out.

25 01 2013

Do you have any ministries on campus? Or churches nearby where you can have fellowship and accountability?

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