God’s Poem

23 01 2013

By: Jocelyn

When looking for a good quote to upload to this blog, I stumbled across this one which i really enjoy. Sometimes it is hard to understand what your purpose in the world is or even what your own identity truly is. The thing to remember is that your identity is what you believe in, your own values, and visions.

I know that I have had troubles figuring out what my own identity truly consists of. Especially now being in school, at Luther College, I am having troubles figuring out what exactly my faith consists of and who I truly am. College is a tough time for many people; deciding what to study, who to be friends with, and even just make decisions like right from wrong.

At times like these where we are confused on life,  it is really nice to be reminded that I am a piece of God’s poem, which makes me beautiful. It does not matter if I decide what my identity is now or later because God will love me no matter what I decide. I am my own person and I have my own beliefs, values, and visions of my own life. God understands.




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23 01 2013

I appreciated the quote you found. It is beautiful, and true.

I similarly have blogged about the importance of discovering your religious/spiritual identity, and the many spiritual health benefits that result from such a discovery. It is truly unbelievable the toll it can take on the human body when people are stressed or unsure about their beliefs, values, morals, and/or purpose in life.

I agree with you that it is very important for people to discover their unique identity, not one that people tell them they should have or that they ‘think’ they should adopt. One must be genuine and true to oneself. We must live by the beliefs we adopt, which will ultimately lead us to a healthier life.

23 01 2013

Previous comment by Rachel.

24 01 2013

I feel that there are a lot of people in our generation that feel the same way you do. We are trying to figure out who we are and what we believe in. I think that is what college is all about. To me College is the perfect place to figure who you are and what you believe in.

24 01 2013

The part of your post that hit closest to home for me was the part you wrote about God understanding your decision, no matter what it is. If God truly is a loving Father, He will love us regardless of who we choose to be. And with that said, He will forgive us for any misdirections we take. I think people too often worry about being “perfect Christians” and not doing anything wrong, but if we don’t stray a little bit and leave the nest so to speak I don’t think that we can ever learn lessons and become the people God intended us to be.

24 01 2013

This post was written by Kelsey

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